The panel management platform that brings you closer to customers!

Build a strong relationship with your customers

The strength of a dedicated panel

Using a dedicated panel offers many benefits to businesses and organizations that seek to interact with their target audience in order to better understand and satisfy it.

Generate quality information quickly

Target specific profiles

Give a voice to your customers

In the age of public consultation and the Voice of the Consumer (VOC), a dedicated panel provides your audience with the opportunity to engage with your business or organization. It gives them a chance to contribute to your growth!

In less than 24 hours, a dedicated panel can generate quality information that can help reduce the risk involved in decision-making.

Traditional consultation approaches can make it difficult to reach certain low-incidence profiles. A wider-scope panel allows you to target very specific profiles in order to engage with them.

Engage with your customers at a lower cost

Increase your agility

Increase your brand equity

A panel represents a group of ambassadors who have a special interest in your organization or your brand. Maintaining a relationship with this group contributes to their experience with your brand and helps build its equity.

When an organization consults with their customers on a regular basis, a dedicated panel will quickly provide a return on investment within just a few months.

A dedicated panel allows you to interact frequently with your audience, and with greater agility and autonomy than before using more traditional consultation approaches.

Implement your panel

Using the Dialogs platform, you can set up your dedicated panel autonomously or with the help of our team.

Identify the panelists according to criteria such as their profile.


Create a group of people to help your organization evolve. Gather profile information with questionnaires.



The information gathered during your interactions contributes to a deeper understanding of your organization on multiple subjects.


Dialogs panel management platform gives you a range of possibilities from 100% autonomy in the management and use of your panel to Dialogs taking charge for you. Our platform is also easily adaptable to your specific needs.

Flexible and intuitive

Send messages and invitations through the sending schedule and track results in real time.


Make better decisions based on data. Thanks to the responses collected, this will help you to adapt!

Case study

In 2012, the Société de transport de Montréal has put in place My voice my STM, an online consultation community with nearly 25,000 panelists. Since 2016, these people are asked to give their opinion, through Dialogs's platform, on many topics related to public transport in Montreal to influence the organization's decisions!

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